One hundred days into the Trump Presidency and his supporters are delighted. He continues to focus on the issues they hold dear, and most blame Congress rather than the Administration for the failure to repeal Obamacare. Interestingly, though, many are irritated by his un-presidential use of Twitter. Yet that – his constant and direct communication

The U.K., Eurozone and U.S. economies are all expected to see rising inflation in the next six to twelve months, prompting speculation of rising interest rates. The case for raising rates occurs when an economy is overheating and inflation expectations need reining in. A higher interest rate makes capital more expensive and so moderates consumption

The conventional wisdom is that a rise in protectionism may be coming, instigated by the new politics of Trump, Brexit and nationalism. There is also a commonly held prejudice that emerging markets, as highly export dependant, will bear a disproportionate burden from such a shift, sufficient perhaps to discourage investment flows. Yet emerging markets are