The Great Distraction

I was recently asked why it is that sterling fell after the Bank of England finally put interest rates up.  The stock answer is that it is all about market expectations. The rate rise was fully priced in already, and the market was disappointed that there was not a greater indication of more near-term increases.

Cass Sunstein writes in his book “#Republic: Divided Democracy in the Age of Social Media” of the danger to liberal representative democracy from our increased ability, facilitated by new technology, to filter news and opinions.  We favour interaction with like-minded people, and stories that conform with our existing view of the world.  Our increased choice

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Post-Truth Politics

Social inequality and lack of upward mobility in the US has combined with shorter attention spans – a function in part of social media – to create a post-truth world. More specifically, generalised anger with the status quo and a desire for change has been channeled into particular disillusion with a political establishment seen as remote,