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Why emerging markets could be a haven from potential shocks
03/10/2017 - Money Observer

Strong growth foundations are rebuilding BRIC allure
25/09/2017 - Money Observer

Invest in Emerging Markets to reduce risk, says asset manager Jerome Booth
15/09/17 - Bloomberg

Trading Places: StanChart, Investec, Sandaire and more….
18/08/2017 - Financial News

New Sparta hires Kirby
18/08/2017 - Private Equity Africa

Letters to the Editor: Prejudices that mark out EMs as necessarily riskier
18/08/2017 - Financial Times

NSAM hires managing director for its new property arm
17/08/2017 - Investment Europe

New Sparta Asset Management launches real estate division
16/08/2017 - Property Week

New Sparta brings on managing director to lead real estate unit
15/08/2017 - Pensions & Investments

New Sparta launches real estate division and hires MD
15/08/2017 - Funds Europe

New Sparta launches real estate division and hires MD
14/08/2017 - Citywire Wealth Manager

New Sparta Asset Management appoints head of new Real Estate Division
14/08/2017 - Property Funds World

New Sparta AM makes three energy hires
07/07/2017 - IJ Global

New Sparta Energy names initial senior trio
05/07/2017 - Infrastructure Investor

New Sparta Asset Management makes three senior hires
03/07/2017 - Private Equity Wire

‘Emerging markets’ label obsolete as advanced economies become politically risky
05/06/2017 - South China Morning Post

Shhh! Don’t Tell Bondholders, Trump is Inflating Away Debt
23/05/2017 - On Frontiers

New Sparta Asset Management names managing director for new unit
15/05/2017 - Reuters

Movers & shakers: May 15
15/05/2017 - FTfm

NSAM Launches New Sparta Energy
15/05/2017 - Hedge Fund Journal

EM boutique establishes Africa infrastructure branch
15/05/2017 - Investment Europe

Press Release: Investing in energy projects in Africa
10/05/2017 - ESI Africa

NEW SPARTA INTERVIEW: “The failure of finance theory has led to massive distortion in risk perceptions and asset allocation globally which has impeded capital flow to private markets in Africa”
25/04/2017 - Engerati

Joseph Mariathasan: The case for active in emerging markets
13/03/2017 - IPE

EM currencies show signs of withdrawing from Trumpflation trade
08/12/2016 - Financial Times

Why political risk is losing its power to scare EM investors 
29/09/2016 - Financial Times

Brexit stirs eurozone break-up fears for fund managers
01/07/2016 - Financial Times

Equities sell off for second day, safe-havens up in Brexit aftermath
27/06/2016 - Reuters

Are sub-Saharan investment returns proportional to the risks?
27/06/2016 - Investment Week

Asset managers face higher hurdles when going solo
16/06/2016 - Financial News

Political risk climbs up the agenda for markets
10/05/2016 - Financial Times Online

Joseph Mariathasan: Should investors revisit local-currency EMD?
25/04/2016 - IPE

China trying to bring interior on par with coastal regions
18/03/2016 - International Finance

What to do when the biggest risks are nearest home?
16/03/2016 - World Finance

Flicker of lights starts to shine on EMs
08/03/2016 - Financial Times

Finance theory creates a distorted image of the investment world
07/03/2016 - FTfm

24/02/2016 - Intellinew

Currency turmoil casts doubt on forex pegs
12/02/2016 - Financial Times Online

Why and When the Dollar Will Fall
05/02/2016 - Institutional Investor

Podcast special: The $30trn question
25/01/2016 - PEI Infrastructure Investor

Which asset class will be best value in 2016? Here's what alternative investors think
15/01/2016 - Financial News

Fears rise that plunging U.S. stocks could pose risk to economy if volatility continues
15/01/2016 - Los Angeles Times

Dollar’s ascent enters autopilot mode
14/01/2016 - Financial Times

Profile: what Ashmore's founder did next
03/12/2015 - Citywire Wealth Manager

Experts champion investment in emerging markets as way to cut risk
20/11/2015 - IPE

Ashmore Group’s Co-Founder Jerome Booth To Raise About $500M To Boost African Energy
02/11/2015 - Footprint to Africa

Emerging-Markets Enthusiast Jerome Booth Aims to Power Africa
28/10/2015 - Institutional Investor

New Sparta establishes US presence
28/10/2015 - International Adviser

New Sparta Asset Management expands global distribution
26/10/2015 - Pensions & Investments

Jerome Booth: The millionaire musician making a difference in emerging nations with New Sparta
23/10/2015 - Evening Standard

Emerging Markets: Where to Find Opportunity
22/10/2015 - Bloomberg News

This expert says EM risk perception is all wrong
21/10/2015 - CNBC

Brazil Bull Who Got It Right in 2002 Says This Time No Different
19/10/2015 - Bloomberg News

Don't Bet On A Rate Hike In December, QE4 More Likely
29/09/2015 - Seeking Alpha

Should investors venture back into emerging markets? (Part II)
28/09/2015 - Investment Week

Federal Reserve plans more QE, not rate rise, says Jerome Booth
27/09/2015 - FTfm

Jerome Booth: ‘The whole market is wrong about EM’
27/09/2015 - FTfm

Asset managers say rate decision undermines Fed’s credibility
21/09/2015 - FTfm

Woodford hiring spree, new Jupiter CIO and Crux fund launch: Your fund news digest
13/09/2015 - Trustnet

Jerome Booth creates emerging markets private equity firm
07/09/2015 - Funds Europe

Ashmore’s co-founder launches New Sparta
07/09/2015 - Investment Europe

Ashmore founder Booth launches EM boutique
07/09/2015 - Portfolio Adviser

Ashmore co-founder launches EM fund boutique
07/09/2015 - Citywire Wealth Manager

Ashmore co-founder Booth launches New Sparta AM
07/09/2015 - Investment Week

Ashmore co-founder Booth launches emerging market fund firm
07/09/2015 - Reuters

Jerome Booth startup
07/09/2015 - Financial News

Ashmore Group co-founder launches new investment manager
07/09/2015 - FT Adviser

New venture for Ashmore fund guru Jerome Booth as he launches asset management business
07/09/2015 - Mail Online

Veteran City investor hopes to power up Africa
06/06/2015 - Telegraph Online

06/09/2015 - Financial Times