Environmental and Social

The New Sparta Energy (NSE) team has broad Environmental and Social (E&S) experience across Africa and renewable energy technologies, born from its involvement in an extensive list of projects on the continent.  We are fully committed to meeting our environmental and social obligations, protecting the environment, and enhancing the communities in which we do business, and will ensure that each of our investments - regardless of their size or technology – satisfy all local and international requirements and meet best practice E&S protocols. 


In its efforts to protect the environment, NSE will: 

  • Ensure potential environmental impacts of projects are prevented or fully mitigated
  • Avoid projects that impact on any UN Tier 1 Critical Habitat Species
  • Develop environmental impact offset strategies that provide a net gain to the community
  • Where required, develop and implement robust Biodiversity Action Plans
  • Employ carefully selected environmental and biodiversity specialists


In discharging its social responsibilities, NSE will:

  • Adhere to local and international requirements regarding working time, non-discrimination, and child labour, following International Labour Organisation guidance
  • Carefully review and consider projects that require any form of economic or physical displacement 
  • Support project affected communities, focusing on specific areas identified during baseline development, feasibility, and environmental and social impact assessment 
  • Stimulate local job creation and supply reliable and sustainable power
  • Conduct all project and investment activities with full appreciation of local and cultural community sensitivities

Environment and Social Management System

NSE has developed a bespoke Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS) that will be applied to the opportunity appraisal, investment management, development and construction of its project investments. The ESMS has been designed to follow best international practice, and includes NSE’s relevant environmental and social policies, team responsibilities, processes for screening and due diligence of investments, outlines of key documents, and a framework for regular monitoring and reporting. The ESMS will be overseen by a dedicated in-house E&S Manager, fully supported by our senior management, Board of Directors, and all applicable committees.