African Plantation for Sustainable Development

The African Plantation for Sustainable Development (APSD) is a 60 megawatt (MW) biomass power generation project located close to the Western shores of Lake Volta, Ghana. The project has a 100-year concession for 80,000 hectares of land to grow Eucalyptus as a boiler feedstock, with the capacity to expand the project to 5 phases of 60 MW. When operations begin in 2020, 22,000 hectares of trees will be in place, of which 5,000 hectares will be harvested annually.

APSD is a flagship project for the Ghanaian Government and has strong support throughout political circles as one of SSA’s few baseload renewable projects. The project currently employees 700 people, and when operating will expand to more than 1500 employees in an undeveloped part of Ghana. Having met IFC Performance Standard Requirements, APSD has World Wildlife Fund approval, safeguarding the region’s biodiversity and remaining indigenous forestry. This project is expected to reach Financial Close in 2018.